What could be more thrilling than exploring Spain’s beautiful and varied landscape on a hunting excursion? For many hunters, Spain is the perfect destination to experience the magic of Europe’s greatest country. From the wilds of Granada to the rolling hills of Andalucía, Spain provides a rich and memorable hunting experience for experienced and novice hunters alike. 

Overview of Hunting in Spain

As the second largest country in the European Union, Spain is known for its breathtaking landscapes, colorful culture, and delightful cuisine. But if you’re an adventurous outdoorsmen or woman, you may be interested in the country’s hunting opportunities. Spain is a remarkably diverse country with a variety of hunting experiences to offer. 

From the lush primeval forests of the north to the rugged terrain of the south, Spain offers some of the most varied and challenging hunting in Europe. With its ample protected areas, ancient game reserves, and diverse terrain, Spain is one of the most popular hunting destinations for international visitors. 

Spain has several big game species, such as red deer, roe deer, wild boar, and various species of wild sheep. There is also an abundance of small game, such as rabbit and partridge, as well as waterfowl in certain areas. Visitors will find a variety of upland and wetland habitats, making it easy to target specific species. 

The hunting season in Spain is typically from mid-October to mid-February. Some areas have longer or shorter seasons, but no hunting is allowed in the months of May and June. Non-resident hunters need to purchase a hunting license from the regional government in order to hunt in Spain. This license will allow you to hunt on public and private lands, you can organize your excursion with PRO HUNTING SPAIN who offers a personalized and premium service oriented to exclusive hunting trips.

Guided hunting trips are available for those who would like some assistance navigating the area and local regulations. There are also a variety of accommodations, from mountain huts to hostels, for those who want to stay in the area for an extended hunt. 

Overall, Spain is a great destination for hunters of all levels. With its vast and diverse terrain, it’s an ideal place to explore and experience a wild and unforgettable hunt.

Spain’s Wildlife

Spain offers a wealth of wildlife and a variety of hunting opportunities. The open countryside allows for an array of big game and birds, including wild boar, mouflon, gazelle, roe deer, chamois, and ibex. For a truly unique experience, some avid hunters opt to hunt the Iberian Lynx, a species currently threatened with extinction. Avid bird hunters can take aim at partridge, quail, pigeon, and woodcock. Spain’s diverse landscapes also provide for a range of waterfowl, including duck, geese, and crane. With a hunting permit, hunters are free to explore Spain’s wild places, with opportunities to observe and hunt a variety of wildlife.

Hunting Locations

Exploring the splendors of Spain on a hunting excursion can be a rewarding experience. From the rolling hillsides of the Basque Country to the densely packed forests of Asturias, Spain is brimming with diverse and exciting areas for hunters to explore. 

In the Basque Country, hunters can find some of Europe’s most varied hunting grounds. The region has a range of game from Alpine ibex to wild boar and the occasional red deer. Most hunting is carried out on private land or managed Forestal Estates where a permit is required. Large game such as roe deer and wild boar can be found in the somber forests of Asturias. These areas are heavily regulated and managed by the Ministry of Environment. 

The sunny islands of the Balearics and Canary Islands provide a variety of possibilities, including fox and rabbit hunting as well as hunting of wild goats, sheep and deer. Moorish influenced plains and wooded hillsides provide stunning terrain, although the practice of hunting certain species on the islands is strictly regulated and enforced. 

Other areas of the country, such as the sparsely populated Castilla and La Mancha, provide vast open spaces and plenty of opportunities for hunting large game. Here, hunters can find red deer, wild boar, and Iberian ibex. The protected mountain ranges of Galicia, Alfiz and Sierra de Gredos, also offer abundant wildlife, including deer and wild boar. 

No matter where you choose to hunt, it is important to make sure you are properly licensed and have all the necessary permits for the area. Rules and regulations for hunting vary from region to region and it is important to be aware of all the legal requirements before embarking on your hunting adventure.

Granada Province 

Granada Province is home to some of the most stunning hunting grounds in Spain. Located in the Andalucía region, the province has an array of diverse terrains and habitats, which make it ideal for a hunting excursion. From rocky mountains to rolling hills and vast expanses of vegetation, the Granada Province offers a variety of hunting possibilities. 

In addition to game such as red and roe deer, hunters may also come across ibex and wild boar in the wild. For those looking for a truly unique experience, there is the option to hunt wild mountain goats, which can often be spotted in the more remote locations of the province. 

The ancient city of Granada is a must-see for those exploring the region and offers a wealth of cultural experiences. The Alhambra Palace, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city, is one of Spain’s most famous and beautiful monuments. Whether visiting for the history or simply for the stunning views, Granada Province is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed.

Andalucía Region 

The Andalucía region of Spain is a beautiful and diverse region to explore while on a hunting excursion. The vast plateaus, breathtaking mountain views, and the olive groves make this a picturesque setting for hunting. In this region, hunting game such as deer and boar are common and can provide a thrilling experience. The warm climate of the Andalucía region is also ideal for hunting, with temperatures averaging between 20-30 degrees Celsius throughout the region. The local cuisine also serves as a great reward for successful hunting, with roasted boar and deer being popular dishes. If you’re looking for a unique hunting experience, consider exploring the Andalucía region of Spain – you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience!

Cantabria Province 

Located in the northern part of Spain, Cantabria is a picturesque landscape of rolling hills, lush forests, and rugged mountains perfect for a hunting adventure. Cantabria is a great region for hunting red deer, a native species of the area, as well as chamois, boar, and even roe deer. Hunters of all experience levels can enjoy the lush surroundings and the chance to experience the local culture in villages like Santander, Torrelavega, Cabezón de la Sal, and Reinosa. Not only can you find a wide variety of game, but you can also find accommodations, guides, and all the necessary supplies for a successful hunt. Whether you are a first time hunter or an experienced one, Cantabria offers the perfect hunting experience.